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Awards and certificates

Awards and certificates

Jelovica among top fifty brands

Published: February 2011
Blagovna znamka Jelovica - si.Brand
Jelovica, which is today considered the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient houses, windows and doors, was ranked 44th on the 2010 list of the best and most popular Slovenian brands by consumers’ choice, thus making it the only TOP50 ranked brand in its business sector.
The list was based on a survey conducted by the si.Brand Consumer Association. Following the brand rankings such as Superbrands and Trusted Brands, the best Slovenian brands and trademarks were ranked on the si.Brand TOP50 list for 2010.

Innovation Award

Published: June 2010

With this award, Jelovica ranks among the most innovative companies in Slovenia. With innovations in the field of energy-efficient windows and houses, the Company proves that it employs highly-qualified people who know how to place ideas in the search for new technological solutions. The awarded innovation is the technologically perfected, energy-efficient Jelovision wooden window. The award was presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Regional Chamber for the Gorenjska Region.
In 2009, the Jelovision Wood 7800 wooden window also received the Environmental Product of the Year award. The award is presented by the ECO Found of the Republic of Slovenia.
At Jelovica, we strive to create an environment which will encourage all employees to participate in creation of ideas. In our opinion, each individual is an innovator. We endeavour to become a creator of new development guidelines in the field of designing and manufacturing of energy-efficient windows, doors and prefabricated houses.

Quality Label in Construction for the installation of exterior joinery according to the RAL system Quality Label in Construction for the installation of exterior joinery according to the RAL system

Published: July 2011Znak kakovosti za montažo oken in vrat

For the second time, Jelovica received the Quality Label in Construction for quality installation of windows, entrance doors, blinds, shelves, screens and panoramic walls. This label indicates products and services that comply with high, professionally formulated and internationally comparable quality requirements. It also indicates that the manufacturer complies with the quality assurance and business excellence requirements.
Jelovica received its first Quality Label in Construction already in 1997, namely for its Jeloterm wooden windows. In 2004, it received the Quality Label also for its service – the installation of joinery.

Jelovica houses with the RAL quality mark for more than 20 years

Published: July 2011

Znak kakovosti za hiše

In addition to the CE mark specified by European standards, the Jelovica hiše company also maintains the RAL mark which is especially important for selling products on German and Swiss markets. The RAL quality mark has been granted to the Company for prefabricated houses every year for more than 20 years. It is renewed every year according to the production control by the OTTO GRAF Institute.
The RAL quality mark is part of the German Manufacturers of Prefabricated Houses Association which is based on the DIN 1052 standard.
The mark is a sign of quality for producers of wall, ceiling and roof elements. The quality of built-in materials that need to be certified is subject to internal control and also to independent, external control twice a year. Materials and their installation are both controlled. We only install certified wood with controlled moisture.
According to the standard, the required wood moisture content is 15 ± 3% as wood with moisture content below 20% and installed in dry area is resistant to fungi and insects. In this case, the activity of wood is lower as well.

Jelovica hiše company with the ISO 9001 Quality Manual

Published: May 2011Jelovica hiše s sistemom kakovosti

In 2011, the Jelovica hiše company confirmed its operation according to the ISO Quality Manual. This means that quality policy constitutes an essential part of business policy and defines the responsibilities of the Company’s management and all its business functions for individual processes or activities. It must be implemented by all employees in order to achieve the company's best performance. Basic principles of quality policy are:
• Recognition of the Company by the quality of its products and services
• Compliance with legislative requirements
• Obligation and commitment of the management to meet the requirements, and constant improvement of the quality management system performance
• Environment-friendly attitude with regard to environmentally-friendly technologies, technological procedures, materials and energy, and assurance of their rational use
• Developing quality internal relations among employees, and establishing an encouraging and innovative working environment.

Quality aims are determined on the basis of the adopted quality policy, general goals, quality requirements on the market and according to possibilities for improvement, considering the achieved quality level in the previous year or period. They are presented in the business plan for the current year.

Jelovica hiše company the first in Slovenia to obtain the CE Certificate

Objavljeno: May 2011
CE certifikat - okna
The Jelovica hiše company obtained the EC Certificate of Conformity and labels its products, energy-efficient houses and other large buildings made of wood with the CE mark. Thus, the Company assumes the responsibility for the conformity of products labelled with the CE mark with the applicable European legislation.
The CE mark is an abbreviation of the French phrase "Conformité Européene" (European Conformity). The mark has existed for fifteen years, but many do not know the real meaning of it as they think it merely means the products with the CE mark are produced in Europe. The CE mark affixed to a product or its packaging indicates that a product produced in Europe or any other country meets the EU requirements regarding the safety of use, health and environmental protection, and other requirements of the European standards or technical approvals.

Jelovica hiše company receives the Energy-Efficient Project Award

Published: April 2011
Jelovica hiše - priznanje za energetsko učinkovit projekt
Jelovica hiše je za lesen, nizkoenergijski in nizkoogljični vrtec v Šentrupertu prejela priznanje za energetsko učinkovit projekt leta 2011 po izboru bralcev spletne ankete Časnika Finance.

Skupaj z Esplanado d.o.o. so v Jelovici hiše d.o.o. oblikovali in postavili sodobno zasnovano leseno montažno stavbo,ki je izdelana iz ekološko neoporečnih materialov. Moderna arhitektura in inovativne tehnološke rešitve objekta zagotavljajo ugodno klimo v bivalnih prostorih. Fasadni plašč je zasnovan kot prezračevalni element, talno ogrevanje z biomaso, klimatska naprava z visoko učinkovito rekuperacijo toplote, adiabatno hlajenje zraka pa še dodatno znižujejo porabo energije.

CE certifikat za okna, polkna in vhodna vrata

Objavljeno: Februar 2011CE certifikat - okna

For the construction of a wooden, low-energy and low-carbon kindergarten in Šentrupert, the Jelovica hiše company won the Energy-Efficient Project of the Year Award by readers of the Časnik finance web survey.
In cooperation with the Esplanado d.o.o. company, Jelovica hiše d.o.o. designed and erected a contemporary, prefabricated wooden building made of ecologically sound materials. Contemporary architecture and innovative technological solutions provide a pleasant climate in living areas. The façade coating is designed as a ventilation element, while biomass floor heating, air conditioning device with highly effective heat recovery and adiabatic air-cooling result in an additional reduction of energy consumption.

Jelovica okna company accredited with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate

Published: January 2011
Jelovica okna s sistemom kakovosti ISO9001
Already in 1996, Jelovica, as the first Slovenian manufacturer of builders’ joinery, acquired the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, which was the result of its awareness of importance to ensure the quality of its products and services through business and production processes. At Jelovica okna d.o.o. company, we constantly implement and improve the ISO 9001 standard compliance.

The quality management system at the Jelovica okna company defines the course of business processes in the entire organization, their interaction, methods for measuring their effectiveness, required resources, information and measures for constant improvement.
This means that quality policy is an integral part of the Company’s business policy and defines responsibilities of the Company’s management and all business functions for individual processes or activities.

Award for the most environmentally friendly product

Published: November 2009Nagrada za okolju prijazen izdelek

Jelovica received the Most Environmentally Friendly Product award for its innovative and technologically perfected Jelovision wooden window which is made of environmentally friendly materials and meets the high standards of thermal insulation. The construction of the Jelovision window is characterized by "airotherm” energy-saving scantlings with air chamber profiles and the patented »airace« hidden ventilation.

The award was presented by the Časnik Finance newspaper in cooperation with the Slovenian Eco Fund.

European Star Award for the Jelostar wooden window

Published: March 2009
Evropska zvezda za okno Jelostar
At the DOM 2009 Fair, the Jelostar wooden window received the European Star Award presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. The award is a proof of quality and compliance with the growing requirements for energy-efficiency of Jelovica windows.
The award confirms that the product meets the requirements of European standards and regulations in the field of construction, thermal and sound insulation, mechanical strength, resistance to climate conditions and safety.

Windows and other products from Jelovica are made of environmentally-friendly materials and are the result of many years of experience and development. Due to energy efficiency, the investment is compensated in a few years.

European Star Award for the best product of the year

Published: March 2004
Evropska zvezda za okno Jeloterm
In 2004, Jelovica, as the first Slovenian manufacturer of builders’ joinery, received the European Star Award for the best product of the year. The award, presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Wood Processing Association and the Ljubljanski sejem d.d. trade fair organizer, was obtained for the Jeloterm wooden-aluminium window.

Jeloterm wooden-aluminium windows were recognized as most technologically advanced and contemporary windows.

Houses, windows and doors with the Quality Seal
Jelovica prides itself with a 100-year-old tradition of developing and designing energy-efficient windows, wooden entrance doors, interior doors and prefabricated houses. Our trademark is a lasting perfection an innovation. At Jelovica, we have proven that we meet the highest standards for quality and energy efficiency. Each product goes through a technologically perfected and thoroughly controlled production process, which ensures the compliance with the most stringent requirements for energy efficiency, sustainability and quality of living. We have already received several awards for technological perfection and innovation of our windows, wooden houses and doors.

Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality products and services.
We work in close cooperation with recognized national institutions (ZRMK, ZAG) and foreign institutions (IFT, PTE in Rosenheim, OTTO GRAF Institute in Stuttgart, Holz Forschung Austria in Vienna, TGM Versuchsanstalt Institute in Vienna, OIB (Österreichisches Institut für Bautechnik) in Vienna, and IBS (Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung) in Linz), which affirm the high quality and technological perfection of our products. In 1996, we were the first manufacturer of builders’ joinery in Slovenia to obtain the ISO 9001 International Quality System Certificate. The ISO 9001 Certificate ensures a comprehensive quality management system, from development, procurement and production to the sale of products.

The quality of our wooden windows, wooden-aluminium windows, modern wooden houses, shutters, entrance and interior doors has been confirmed by numerous awards and quality certificates.

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